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5 crossword puzzles similar to Wordle

5 crossword puzzles similar to Wordle

Custom Wordle

Wordle Custom is a game that has the same goal as Wordle, but it has
different options to be able to play the game you want every day, and it also
allows you to create the word you want to be able to send to your friends so
they can try to guess it.

Create your own Wordle Wordle!Guess the hidden word in 6 tries. You can
also share your own words!

rules are very simple and work exactly like Wordle's. Players must guess a new
five-letter word every day for six attempts. Correctly guessing the correct letter
turns green, while correctly guessing a letter in the incorrect position turns
yellow to indicate you're close.

dordle The game consists of two grids of letters
side by side, both of which work like the standard format: five letters, six
guesses, gray squares for letters not in the solution, and yellow squares for
letters. letters in the wrong place and green for letters in the right place.

The difference here, however, is that despite choosing two words, you
still only get six guesses – each valid for both games at the same time.


As in Wordle, there is a secret word of five letters that we have to try
to guess, while the game itself indicates the letters that we are getting

After typing the word and pressing Enter, the letters of the suggested
word are colored green, yellow, or gray.

This is Wordle's "evil" version, avoiding giving you an easy
answer. With each attempt, Absurdle reveals as little information as possible,
changing the secret word as needed.


Mathler is a simple game that can be played for free on its own website.

Unlike Wordle, you get the answer first, and in this case, it's a
number. The challenge is to find the equation needed to arrive at the number,
using the digits 0-9 and the math operations +, -, *, and / placed in six

Mathematica is light on rules and heavy on simplicity:

You must guess the solution six times or less.

Each equation you enter must have a valid answer. So if the answer is
20, your guess can't be 50 + 5-2 because that doesn't equal 20. Right off the
bat, this is one of the hardest things about it.

The correct entry turns green.

A true or false entry will turn yellow.

Incorrect entries will be grayed out.

Numbers and math can be used more than once.

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